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Board of Directors:


Vicki K. Hemmer - President and Executive Director

Kristy Sobon - Director


Board of Advisors:


Michael A. Lehmann

Mark Hemmer



By HIS Spirit Ministries









A Safe House Youth Center for Boys & Girls Ages 5-15

205 W. Newell St.

With Dynamic Opportunities and Victory Everyday!


  • Within walking distance from home

  • Open 7 days per week with full-time live-in staff on site

  • All activities and supplies free, including dinner daily, study library, computers, music room,  backyard vegetable garden, a chosen house pet.



Mission Statement:


The mission of By HIS Spirit Ministries is to decrease future teen crime by promoting the welfare of youth and citizens of Syracuse and surrounding areas by providing, through love of Christ, opportunities and jobs, promoting a way to succeed in life.


Also coming to your neighborhood in the future:

A Ministry House for Girls Ages 5 – 15.  A Ministry House for Boys Ages 5 - 15.





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