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This is 205 West Newell Street!

This is where the young people in this neighborhood can come after school and on weekends to receive encouragement, love, and knowledge.

For more information, please call our Director:

By HIS Spirit Ministries, at

205 West Newell Street, Syracuse, NY 13205

Vicki K. Hemmer

(315) 632-5325

Kristy Sobon

(315) 708-4469


By HIS Spirit Ministries

Our Mission:


The mission of By HIS Spirit Ministries is to promote the welfare of our youth and the citizens of Syracuse and the surrounding areas by providing, through the love of Christ, opportunities and jobs, promoting a way to succeed in life.


Our Vision:


By HIS Spirit Ministries will obtain boarded up houses throughout the city, providing various jobs while fixing these properties for the use of youth ministry houses, youths age five through fifteen. Open seven days a week.


These houses will need people of Faith to assist in varied programs where the youth will learn basic life skills, hands on experience with computers, small hand tools, and a variety of other equipment.

The vision to encourage, with love and support, inner city children, and any person connected with By HIS Spirit Ministries, helping them build self confidence, a positive outlook and diverse skills.


Prayerfully they will have a new way of looking at future possibilities.


By HIS Spirit Ministries envisions:


1.Young people who are empowered to overcome the adversities and challenges of life.

2. Young people who are equipped to make good choices which will enable them to live successful lives and to contribute to the community.

3. Young people who are continually growing in knowledge and experience.

4. People who are engaged in meaningful occupations and who are saved by grace and growing in their Christian faith.

5.Varied job and volunteer opportunities for encouraging and caring for young people within the buildings and operations of By HIS Spirit Ministries.


By HIS Spirit Ministries Values:


1. The word of God as the final authority and the source of wisdom pertaining to all aspects of life.

2. God's leading and direction for decisions made.

3. Viewing every individual as loved by God.

4. Belief in people's ability to change for the better.

5. Confrontation with kindness, love and wisdom.

6. Diversity of people, programs and processes that will enhance various opportunities offered.

7. Community service and collaboration to improve city climate for all.


Our Motto: Dynamic Opportunities and Victory Everyday




Dear Friends,


Thank you for visiting By HIS Spirit Ministries Inc. website. As you peruse through its pages please take time to prayerfully consider the vision our Lord has given us to address a critical challenge we face in Syracuse, New York. Due to a high prevalence of drug dealings, gun violence, and gang recruitment, God's young people of Syracuse are in desperate need of safe havens to go to after school and in the summer. These ministry houses, to be named after a youth in the city who has met with violence, will offer a peaceful sanctuary where children ages 5 to 15 can engage in wholesome activities away from the discord that surrounds them. For the young people of Syracuse, discord threatens them daily.

Research conducted by the national agency Neiborhood Scout, and also information collected by the F.B.I. found that the rate of violent crime in Syracuse is one of the highest for a city of its size in the nation. Violent crimes are identified as rape, muder, manslaughter and armed robbery. On the index of safest places to live in the U.S., with a rank of 100 considered to be the safest, Syracuse was ranked only number 6. In fact, the chances of a person being the victim of a violent crime in Syracuse is 1 in 7 and property crimes such as burglary, larceny and arson is 1 in 21. The chances of having one's car stolen is 1 in 357.


Adding to the difficult social environment is the fact that Syracuse suffers from a lack of viable jobs for all sectors of its society. Among 300 cities it measures worldwide for economic performance per the Brookings Institution of Metropolitan Policy Program ranked Syracuse 294, just 6 spots from the bottom.


Stephanie Minor, Syracuse's former mayor, and former Police Chief Frank Fowler have addressed the public about city-wide burglaries, especially those committed by young people ages 12 to 17. In the local paper, the Post Standard, Chief Fowler called the increase in juvenile burglaries "alarming".  We haven't even talked about the gang violence yet.  Retired Common Counselor Nadar Maroun asked "Where's the level of accountability for these juveniles? What's the support system?


We all must ask ourselves, "What are WE doing? What are God's people doing about the terrible plight of His children?" Indeed, in His Word, God clearly spells out what we must do. See Mathew 18 4-6; Nehemiah 2:17; 2 Peter 1:3; Isaiah 40:31; 2 Timothy 4: 7-8; Philippians 3: 13-14 and Ephesians 4: 24.


We firmly believe our God has put together a Ministry that can address each problem and can change the face of Syracuse. Again, please take the time to prayerfully review this website and realize the vision our Lord has given us. We welcome any comments or insights you might offer. Feel free to e-mail us at :


Thank you and God bless you,


Minister Vicki K. Hemmer

Founder and President

By HIS Spirit Ministries, Inc.





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