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Mentor Guidance:


Each child will be assigned an adult volunteer of the same gender who will work with the child’s parents or guardians to help encourage and advise their children through various life experiences. 


With parental permission, mentors might treat the child to a restaurant dinner, a movie, or other outings a few times per year as is convenient.  The mentor will offer useful insights about school, work and other life skills as they befriend the child and commit to pray for his/her welfare.


Portfolio of Accomplishments:


We will Begin with information provided by the child’s parents and a list of the child’s interests. This will be gathered to be utilized for future applications, such as those for academic scholarships, job resumes or admittance into special programs.


Most skills that children have acquired ought to be acknowledged for their future reference to draw upon as desired. Examples include school honors such as perfect attendance, safety patrol, participation in sports, or performance in a play.  Abilities such as fluency in more than one language, playing a musical instrument, singing in a choir. Volunteer efforts, such as selling candy can help raise funds for a certain cause helping the community and the childrens.


With this in mind, the Ministry will provide numerous opportunities to acquire and sharpen skills in multiple areas, including the following:


Academic Preparation: 


Viewing and discussing the film “Where There’s a Will There’s an A.”Utilizing the library for study, reading and homework - plus internet homework tutorials.


Provide interaction with other Syracuse programs - Say Yes to Education, On Point for College, etc.


Creativity Classes/Workshops:  


Art, photography, creative writing, musical instruments.


Singing, crafts such as jewelry making, knitting, sewing, woodworking, etc.


Life skills and social interaction:  Healthy eating, dress for success, cooking basics, obeying parents and teachers, dealing effectively with bullies, and stress relief.


Career Exploration: 


Resume writing workshops, job interview and public speaking’ practice; job-shadowing, attend career fairs; classes with certificates in automotive, babysitting, etc.


Creating Your Own Business:  


Even young children can learn how to create and market services, such as merchandise, including arts and crafts, leaf-raking, car washing, pet-sitting, snow removal, or entertainment – music, comedy, dance, magic acts, etc. – also how to sell a performance CD.


Once Monthly Social Activities: 


Including picnic and swimming at Green Lakes Park, New York State Fair, ice skating,  Sky Chiefs baseball game, Lights On the Lake, sleep-over parties  the Ministry House, Glow Golf and go-carts at Destiny USA, Bowling, movies, concerts, plays, parades, ethnic festivals, MOST museum, field trips, and the Community Gardens...ect ect.


Fun Volunteer Activities:


Holiday singing at a retirement center, sending letters and gifts to children in other countries, or whatever other programs the Lord sends teachers and volunteers to direct.      



We look forward to working with all of you.


The Lord be with you,

Vicki K. Hemmer (Founder & President)


Here is a view of
By HIS Spirit Ministries's
office/youth ministry house, located at
205 West Newell Street, Syracuse.
These pictures show what we started with in our efforts to help the
youth in our community.

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